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What's Coming Soon?

Ja Universe Photojournalism

2019 & Beyond

We're now looking at some projects going forward into 2019, 2020 and even 2021!

Ideas in our sights include Sulawesi, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean and a few places in the UK. Plenty to keep us motivated. - JC

Motorcycle Touring

The BMW R1200 GS Adventure is the perfect machine for "adventure touring" and needs to exercise!

It beckons me to hit the road, both in the UK and abroad.

I'm hoping to develop some "motorcycle touring photojournalism" although finding enough time might be difficult. Nonetheless, Wales, East Anglia, Devon, Cornwall and a ride out to Poland and back are certainly on the cards – JC

Portfolios Update

On a Different Path

As I started to photograph and compile for "The Path" portfolio - a collection of images to be taken on a footpath close to our home in Warminster to the village of Heytesbury, I had a change of mind about what I wanted to achieve.

Instead of quickly putting together some images collected over a short period of time, I wanted to widen the work to encompass "the area" around our home which borders on Salisbury Plain, rather than just "The Path".

I then decided that I wanted to spread the work across seasons so that a greater diversity of images could be captured. So, although I've put this note in the "coming soon" section, don't expect it quickly. We'll keep you posted! - JC


We promised a portfolio called "Guitars" based on some creative interpretations of a collection of guitars which includes Gibsons, Fenders, a Gretsch, a Paul Reed Smith and a Taylor nylon string.

We're still working on it when we've got time. It will be done! - JC

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